Lies, lies, and more lies.

Author: Mike Bain, Christian Voice New Zealand

There is so much information being spread around about Coronavirus.

Every day I receive another theory, news report or a pointer to claims and counter claims.

The conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen all saying pretty much the same thing.

Lots of information, too much information and then you have a campaign from the Government trying to put their information out.

For me, its all confusing and I note the same thing is happening with my fellow believers in Christ.

But I ask you take some time out and think what all this information overload is doing.

It is simple- It’s a distraction for what is real.

You see the Apostle Paul encouraged us to keep our eyes on the finishing line.

Everyday we hear of things which make us live in fear, Jesus said in Matt 24, In the last days we would hear of such things.

Today as a believer I want to encourage you to think, to pray, and to act as a believer.

Instead of looking for the latest conspiracy theory about Covid 19 just look up.

Look up to where your salvation is coming from.

By doing so, your life today will be much better as the end is coming.

What is happening must happen as the ruler of this world manipulates and coerces the governments to a stage which is ready for the anti-Christ.

Look ahead, read the bible, and believe.

My Salvation and yours comes from having Faith in God.

Look up for you a child of the most high!

Look Up to where your salvation will come from.

Look up for the return of Christ, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

This is where your salvation will come from.

And there will be no conspiracy theories, no misinformation, only justice and mercy.

4 thoughts on “Lies, lies, and more lies.

  1. Hi, I really feel this covid vac is bad but no Christian originations are saying not to take it.
    Can you please help me.




  2. God gave you discernment for a reason.
    There are many in this country who have “vaccine hesitancy” based around the mistrust of information.
    Many Christians like yourself show this hesitancy for many reasons and are willing to share their views.
    Look at the science, this vaccine is still in its trial stages, Its efficacy is well publicized but as yet no one can conclusively confirm its effectiveness.
    Efficacy is a long way from effectiveness and each day scientist are learning more about the virus and the effects of the vaccine.
    I think it prudent at this stage for Christian Organizations not to endorse the vaccine as it is yet to be proven. Job 29:21 “To me they listened and waited, And kept silent for my counsel.
    Click on the link below for more on the subject.


  3. Hello Mike,
    I’ve just come across you and your wife website today. I was browsing the internet looking for spiritual people to help me grow spiritually (Faith based).
    Or at least people who like talking about “somebody” which I assume that is to be our King, Lord of Lords…
    I am going through a rough patch at the moment with my family and I know the only solution is the Bible as you mentioned…”Look up, read the Bible and Believe”…also need people of the same passion to encourage me, you and us to keep moving ahead in our Faith…
    Can’t wait to come to your talk here in Hamilton…

    Sorry, I talk too much…Yes, about the covid informations out there I don’t really read those. I believe whether you vaccinated or not our lives in this world is already has a set time i.e. day we born and day we die…

    Thank you
    God bless your work throughout this nation…
    “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”…Hope our Lord will send more workers into the harvest field..

    Kahimilo Jr Niko


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