Rejoice as you approach the communion table

Author: Mike Bain Christian Voice New Zealand

For many church goers their approach to communion is respectful but in a ritualistic way.

I am encouraging an approach to the act of communion with a different mindset.

In the gospels we read how Jesus broke bread, passing it around his disciples saying, “this is my body.”

Then came the cup of wine with Jesus saying, “this is my blood.”

Familiar words for many but not entirely understood.

You see if we finish Jesus’ sentence, we hear of a new covenant or promise made for you and I.

The sign of the new covenant was the shedding of Christ blood on the cross to purchase us from sin.

Right here, God made an unconditional, unilateral promise that if you accept JC and believe his sacrifice on the cross and his shed blood, it is sufficient for you to pay for your sins, and accomplish what you cannot do yourself, – you shall be saved, – that is Gods unconditional unilateral promise.

 Many covenants made by God were made in the Old Testament and fulfilled in Jesus.

This last supper covenant is significant in that it was the last covenant made in the Bible.

Yeah, okay you say why is our approach to communion different after all we believe in the death of Christ where he gave his body and shed his blood.

Well, here is the thing.

When God makes a promise- he never breaks it.

He seals it, his signature is his oath, and a covenant also involves the shedding of blood as a signature of that oath God makes.

So next time you approach communion do not be down hearted for the death of Jesus.

But rejoice for what the death of Jesus really provides for us.

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