Following the beat of a new drum

The news of the death of The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has become a time for reflection of the halcyon days of Rock n Roll.

Charlie Watts is revered as one of the great drummers of his time. and immortalised alongside other greats such as Ginger Baker.

Watts, the quieter member of the Rolling Stones unlike Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, and Keith Richards.

Despite their longevity playing in the same group, it was common knowledge that both Jagger and Watts didn’t get along with each other, and rather than party Watts would often go to bed.

The story goes where Jagger, hosting his daily wild after party in his hotel room, rang Watts, waking him.

 “Where’s my drummer” demanded Jagger.

Out of bed and dressed Watts went up to the party, found Jagger and punched him in the face.

“Let’s get this straight,” said Watts,

“I’m not your drummer, you are my singer.”

 It’s easy to remember back to the good times when the Stones alongside other great British bands dominated the music scene.

Drummers like Watts understandably believe their role in the band is understated.

After all, it is the drummer who provides “the beat” of the band for everyone to follow.

I couldn’t help reflecting about today’s music where it sounds like a competition where each member attempts to outdo one another.

The sound is just “noise” where one either switches off or covers the ears hoping it goes away.

The messaging about Coronavirus is a bit like this today.

Today there’s a new breed of drummer called the PR companies who pound out the information on both sides of the debate regarding the vaccine.

Daily, social media inboxes are flooded with well-meaning people trying to persuade us of both sides of their argument regarding the vaccine.

Only time will determine which side is right.

As the drums get louder, we must ask whose beat is it we are following?

At some time in history the world may have moved to the beat of Charlie Watts drum.

This world now moves to the beat of a new drummer whose timing is precise and tempo infectious.

Christians, need to ignore “the noise” and focus on “the beat” providing the rhythm inside of us.  

Our hearts should be beating in tune with our beliefs, our faith, our God.

In today’s climate I am urging all Christians to remember the old saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.

This new Charlie Watts who is beating his drum has been around a long time.

Like the forgetful Jagger, we all are members of society, we all have a role in making this world harmonious.

Each of us has a different part to play , we can’t all be a Jagger, a Richards, a Wyman, or a Charlie Watts

But we do have a part, but be mindful about whose beat you’re dancing to.

So beat out the sound, let it beat for our saviour, let it beat, for our king, let it beat for the chosen one, Jesus Christ.

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