Going to war with your family

Someone says something about you which isn’t true, would you go to war over it.

In the book of Joshua there’s a story about how after they inherited the promised land some of the twelve tribes of Israel started sharpening their swords to go fight with one another.

In the account found in Joshua chapter 22 we see the tribes of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh, leave to cross the Jordan river to the territories given as their allotted home.

The Jordan River was the only thing which divided these tribes until it was crossed.

The tribes of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh felt distanced from their brothers and raised concerns about whether future generations wouldn’t see themselves as a part of the other tribal families.

They built a gigantic alter to praise God for what he had given them.

But here’s the problem, they built it on their side of the Jordan against the land of Canaan

Word got back to the remaining tribes about this alter as well as reports they had turned their backs on God.

Based on second-hand information or hear say the tribes took offence.  

Now these guys were basically all from the same family and yet they were ready to go to war over what was a misunderstanding.

How often have you been like this?

How often have you heard something that has motivated going to war with another person?

In today’s challenging times, we are constantly bombarded with information which could be construed as dodgy at the best of times.

Regardless of where our news is sourced from Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24 to watch out that no one deceives you is so true today.

Daily, many times whether it’s at home, at work, on TV via social media we hear every man’s opinion which they believe to be correct.

Sometimes we hear news which maybe second hand, whispers, hear say about others, family members, friends or even our brothers and sisters in God.

What happens when you hear this news =You believe and may start to repeat and even make accusations based on that snippet of news.

You see no one had enquired of the tribes as to why they built the alter.

Based on just hearsay, second-hand information they were ready to go to war.

Isn’t this how some families act today.

So, this is important for us.

This is a common problem that happens among people.

 You listen to hear say, you don’t get all the facts.

Like the Israelites -You jump to conclusions. You start making accusations.

That’s not the way Christian should behave.

But unfortunately, somebody said somebody said somebody, look don’t give place to hear say.

The swords of the Israelites may have been sharpened and ready for use, but discernment came to the fore.

The Israelites from the remaining tribes were sent out to enquire about the intent of the alter,

The Reubenites consented to hear the enquiry from the remaining tribes of Israel- even though it was more accusation than enquiry.

What’s this about? We serve the same true and living God that even though the river divides you and from us, there’s no division in terms of the same God that we serve. That’s what the altar is all about

Only then did they satisfy the reasons the alter was built as a reminder to future generations of its ties to God and their brothers across the river.

When We stop fighting the common enemy and start fighting ourselves our real enemy loves it.

A river was all that was between these two and a half tribes and their inheritance.

But Satan wants to drive more than a river between us and our physical and spiritual families.

I encourage you not to go to war with your family or friends

Allow no room for hearsay, Do not act on what you do not know.

Get the facts with communication, learn from the Reubenites let others speak, to explain themselves and correct at the time where others are wrong.

Remember Jesus word See that no one deceives you.

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