Why Christianity needs to present a united voice

Over the past decade in various presentations around the country, we here at Christian Voice New Zealand have been calling for the church of this country to have a united voice.

As the culture grows darker and people from all aspects of society question the future direction of this country with its new laws, its losses in freedom, possibly losses of jobs and segregation, we are looking for leadership.

We know Satan will soon fill the void left by our political leaders, but in the meantime, I continue the call on the church to be the salt who can influence our culture and to be lighting the way forward.

Why those who oppose God, Christianity, Democracy and Freedom are changing the face of society comes down to one thing. – organisation.

They are united, they are organized in their beliefs and so to put it into practice is easy when the side you want to take down is so disorganized.

Don’t get me wrong there are dissenting voices, but it sounds like a lonely dog howling at the moon.

There are many moral issues we expected the lead to be taken by the church over the years.

Things like Abortion, Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Hate speech, Critical Race Theory and the latest on Conversion Therapy.

Yes, the church had its chance to speak, and it was dismissed.

The reason is obvious when you look at what has happened.

All submissions on these subjects go before a parliamentary select committee.

But while that committee hears the voice of many Christians, and the family lobby groups, they are confused, hearing differing viewpoints and biblical interpretations, rather than a united voice.

You see unlike those proponents of the bill who are united, well organized, and set on a goal, the church is the opposite.

So what is the church offering as an alternative, it’s not a united voice, its not a united stand and its certainly not in some cases, biblically backed.

If I were to describe the various submissions could sound like the voice of Babel.

Full of different interpretations, mixed messaging, and a lack of direction.

The latest census indicates around 36% of New Zealanders hold a belief in a higher authority.

Whilst the number is dropping it’s still a significant number and if united who knows what we can achieve.

Jesus in the third book of Mark says If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.(

The church should stay United as the apostle Paul in his first letter to the congregational leadership of Corinth encouraged all amongst them to agree with one another, that there be no divisions among them but to be perfectly united in mind and thought. (1Cor:1)

God even said to Moses about unity when he said:” five of you will  chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, your enemies will fall by the sword before you” (Lev.26:8) 

Despite the numbers of differing churches, practicing diffing strands of religion they are united in one belief is that God exist, and the bible is the truth, but there must be unity in a secular sense.

We have seen in recent times where there is an appetite from opponents of God to come after individual lobby groups church leaders and church organisations with regards to tax exemptions and status.

Like the wolf preying on a flock, these opponents will pick of the churches who are outside of the group, those who stray and are independent.

I would encourage church elders and other leaders to look towards Christian organisations such as the New Zealand Christian Network as an example of unity, one voice, one direction.

 We as Christians need to stop the babble, we need to encourage our leadership, our pastors, to put aside their differences and to speak with one voice.

Paul told the Corinthians “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts forms one body, so it is with Christ.” (1Cor:10)

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