everyone has a price and the devil knows it

Although 9000 plus episodes have been made of an American TV show called the price is right we have never seen it in New Zealand.

But the title “The Price is Right intrigues me because when you consider life, everything comes with a price.

Let me give you an example, when we were kids we learn the value of negotiation from the moment we sat in the high chair and your mum tried to give you brussels sprouts or something equally repulsive.

Mouths firmly closed we weren’t going to open them until the price was right.

This required parents to perform, and they did and still do with silly things like playing the game where the spoon was a choo choo train or an aero plane.

And this behavior continued as we grew up.

Whether you like it or not, you will be prepared to consider anything if the price is right.

I said consider because there are things I just would not do.

Uh uh, like lie in a box and allow cockroaches to crawl all over my face.

That’s a bridge too far for me, but for some, they do it.

Having worked a part of my life in marketing I know people will do just about anything, if the price is right.

Watching the New Zealand governments attempt to increase the number of Covid vaccinations where incentives were offered particularly for the Super Saturday event was a great example.

With all the messaging leading up to this event, what was it that coerced 130 plus thousands to go have a vaccination on this day?

Simple answer: The price was right.

For many the price was right whether it was a sausage, free KFC, or watching the director General of Health do a dance.

Now look I am not making judgement, just making an observation.

What we must ask ourselves is, What is my price?

You see Satan the Devil will tempt you, and tempt you and tempt you until you give in.

Look I’m easy, a bar of chocolate for the little things.

Yes, you can laugh. But think for a moment of the words of Jesus in Luke 16 who said if we can be faithful in small things, will be faithful in large ones.

And it is the little things we give into when it comes to temptation.

But like all things, the little block of chocolate, graduates to not so small things, and eventually you ender up lying in a box with cockroaches crawling over your face, you wonder how come you came so far.

Remember, we all have a price, so don’t beat yourself up about it because even those closest to Jesus had a price.

For Peter to deny Jesus three times, Satan found his price.

For Judas we know it was just thirty pieces of silver.

For God, to save you and I, he knew what he had to pay.

He gave his one and only Son.

So, I ask again, do you have a price which is right today.

What is it you are doing in your life which is not right before God?

What price would you pay to continue to live in this world.

A former chair of the United Nations Henri Spakk was reported in saying following WW2, the nations are ready to give the kingdoms of the world to any one man who will offer us a solution to the world’s problems.

What will be the price we will be willing to accept for these things?

For me, forget the chocolate bars I like the price offered in the Bible.

You know like in that Tv Show when the compere calls down a member from the audience to play “The Price is Right.”

I’m waiting for Jesus to do the opposite, call me up into the clouds so I can look towards the prize of eternal life.

That’s when the price is right.

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