Here’s an idea, lets cancel Christmas

Traffic lights vaccination targets Vaccination passports, open borders, freedom, and free speech.

There is a lot going on in little old New Zealand now.

So, I thought it was right time to suggest we cancel Christmas.

Now this is a decision I have thought about for a few years, so I haven’t taken it lightly.

Every year we Christians ask what the reason for the season is, and every time we answer that Jesus is the reason.

But ask someone who is from a secular background and their answer will be a lot different.

It will feature time spent with families, presents and holidays.

All good reasons but they miss the point.

Christmas Day along with Easter are deeply rooted as traditional Christian holidays based on traditional and theological Christian beliefs.

My reason I want to cancel Christmas is not so much of being a grinch but being realistic.

The 2019 statistics showed a belief in God by the population has diminished to less than 39%.

But then in that figure is a lot of other beliefs like Eastern religions and the Church of the Spaghetti Eating Monster and let’s not forget the Jedis who number around 20,000.

Christmas is a time when the country stops to rest, but unfortunately not to reflect.

If it did then most people would reflect on what and why Christmas and the birth of Christ is so important.

I can hear somebody saying but didn’t Constantine combine a pagan festival in with Christmas.

Yes, that is true, but Christmas is and always will be about the birth of Jesus.

I want to see the Christmas holiday scrapped for non-believers.

After all we are no longer a Christian nation so why should the majority take the day off work.

Why should they have the gifts of giving and receiving, why should they be able to sit down and enjoy a meal and time together.

Why because these things are traditional, and an effort to go through the motions for just one day.

But everything I have spoken about is an integral part of what God has given us.

We reflect God’s grace in giving out of love.

But can we confidently say most people on Christmas Day will think on these things.

Will parents explain to their children about Jesus, about Mary, about Joseph, the angels the shepherds the wise men about the virgin birth about our Father in heaven?

You would hope they would but sad to say, it would go against the grain of those who do not believe.

But here’s the thing, if the government cancelled Christmas (and its possible because this is the same government who took Jesus out of the parliamentary prayer) as it is no longer relevant to the beliefs and the culture of New Zealand.

A Nation which rejects God

I wonder if it would be accepted or would there be an outcry.

  • Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season,
  • without him he could not have impacted the world,
  •  he could not have died for our sins,
  • he could not have risen to sit at the right hand of God,
  • he could not come again and reclaim this earth for what it is- God Creation
  • and establish his kingdom.


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