Enough! It is time for the church to make a stand

Not sure if you are noticing

There’s a change happening in the country

You may be forgiven if you hadn’t noted because we have been subjected to gradualism.

To explain gradualism, you must know about the frog.

In this story if you were to out a frog into a pot of cold water, you have a happy frog.

But if you turn the heat up gradually the frog gets used to the new temperature and remains happy.

When the water is boiling, he doesn’t jump out of the pot, he stays there Happy in his little life.

Even though the temperature is boiling he doesn’t notice its bad for him as he has been subjected to the gradual rise in the temperature/

In New Zealand we have seen a gradual change in our culture and what we as Christians will today accept as the normal whereas a few years ago we would have frowned.

In decades past thousands and I mean literally thousands marched down the city streets of New Zealand protesting the killing of the unborn.

We were opposed to same sex marriage

We were opposed to Euthanasia

But today we accept it as being the norm.

I don’t know if you have noted how influential the Gay community is in pushing its agenda through Television shows and movies, these people want us to accept it as normal.

I recall people being outraged by foul language being used in the streets, and some were even prosecuted in the court for swearing.

But the foul mouthed, blasphemous Scottish comedian Billy Connelly appeared on many tV screens across the country and the audience soaked him up.

Guarantee if your daughter brought home a boyfriend who used similar language, he would probably be frog marched out the house/

You see gradualism has been happening and its affected our values our morals and our standing with our creator.

Today we are witnessing another change in our society and this one is to quote Jesus is happening like a thief in the night.

Under emergency powers the New Zealand Labour led government is changing laws to suit their own agenda.

They have and continue to use the current pandemic to install fear into the population to accept their agenda under the guise of health and safety.

Heed the warnings, there are many in this country who are awakening, and some are starting to push back.

Christians who maybe asking is it Ok to push back.

The answer is in Romans 13 and yes, it is ok.

But we should not do it alone.

We need the church and its leadership to rise and say enough is enough.

We cannot and should not rest on our pulpits.

And this is the warning I give to the church,

If you don’t stand up and lead your people, they will drift off and find someone who will.

The Bible talks about such a leader who will give them an answer.

This leader is identified as the Anti-Christ.

Vaccination passports are not the mark of the beast but it’s a pointer of the things to come.

So, wake up church, wake up, the water in the pot is near boiling point.

My friends as we await the coming of Jesus Christ, I don’t have to tell you,

The signs are here, we are very near the end.

This is our time. We have been called, we need to ensure we are right with God today, and we must continue to carry out his commands of taking the Good news of Gods kingdom to every man woman and child that we can reach.

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