Dividing the nation is not the answer

When New Zealand was first established between Māori and the colonials it was based on mutual respect and a willingness to get along.
Māori were introduced to the God of the Bible from people like Samuel Marsden and other missionaries of the time.
So, it would be fair to say as New Zealand grew, it grew as a Christian nation.
I would even go as far to suggest this foundation established and shaped New Zealand’s beliefs and acceptance.
After all it was New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the vote.
Our decency and spirit for justice seen us join in and sacrifice our own in defeating evil forces during two world wars.
We have as a nation never stood back when it comes to fighting for the freedoms of citizens worldwide in different conflicts since then, in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and many other countries around the world.
In the 1970s we were outraged at nuclear bomb experiments In our backyards, we protested and then declared ourselves nuclear free.
Our sense of adventure, our courage and No 8-wire spirit saw us conquer the skies with the first manned flight, the conquering of the tallest mountain and dare I say it, winning the 2015 Rugby world Cup.
Speaking of Rugby, we marched and in 1981 we fought in the streets raising awareness of the injustice of Apartheid in South Africa during a rugby tour.
We as a nation have welcomed many different races to be kiwis alongside us.
Yes, we have been welcoming, willing to stand up against injustices and at times we have led the world with our culture.
Never could I ever imagine the day when, we as a nation would welcome the division of our population based on whether they have been subjected, out of fear, coercion, bullying into participation of a medical experiment.
Division is not the New Zealand way.
Gone is the team of five million.
Gone is the kindness.
Instead, we have the haves and the have nots.
Gone is the respect and tolerance we had for those in our community for individual choice.
If you can legislate for a two-tier system because of a vaccination, what is the next step.
This New Zealand government has pointed to it being the only source of truth.
I want to take this opportunity to disagree.
If we are looking for a single source of truth, there is only one place you can find it.
And where is that I hear you asking.
Here is the answer, The bible, 66 differing books all leading to one thing.
A book which speaks of courage, adventure, culture, a fight for injustice, and best of all love for neighbour.
To return New Zealand we don’t have to lead the world, protest, ascend greatness, or even play a game of rugby.
If New Zealand is to survive to be a worthwhile nation
We as New Zealanders need to put Christ back on the throne.
How do we do that?
We put Christ back on the throne of our hearts and our conscience.
We put Christ back on the throne of our families as much depends on us.
We get back in our right biblical place.
We put Christ on the throne of law and order and political order, as much depends on us.
As much as we can, we must push back against the darkness.
And we need to be taking that truth to world who is in bondage to darkness.
It is in this darkness New Zealanders are happy to divide themselves.
Jacinda Ardern may preach kindness.
But it is Jesus who promotes love for one another.
And you cannot show love if you separate your fellow countryman based on race, ethnicity, or vaccination certificate.
Let me leave you with this thought from an admonition Paul had for the Galatian congregation
There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28)

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