Today’s world is looking for a leader

With growing dangers and uncertainties everywhere and the global economy spiraling downward, people everywhere are hungry for leadership and direction unlike any other time in human history.

The world’s prospects for the future are gloomy and getting worse. Everyone knows it. And everyone knows that we need someone who can offer hope and chart a clear course for solving the worlds mounting crises.

British historian, philosopher of history, Arnold Toynbee and Henri Spakk from the United Nations noted,  the nations are ready to give the kingdoms of the world to any one man who will offer us a solution to the world’s problems.

In Forbes magazine, an eminent British historian Paul Johnson said that “there’s one lesson to be learned above all others; there is no substitute for prudent, strong and courageous leadership.”

This is what the civilized world lacks and must find soon.

The bible predicts that such a leader is coming, in fact may already be here.

In a 1999 Newsweek Poll 19% of Americans believe the Antichrist is on earth today. That’s 1/5 who believe that the antichrist is alive and well and is our midst.

The world is ripe for a peacemaker, especially one who can bring peace to the Middle East and the question is, what would the world give for someone who could bring about peace?

What’s changed?

As far as God is concerned, nothing has changed, he still has a purpose for this earth, and he has a purpose for each one here.

What has changed is mankind, mankind is looking to other men who are infallible for redemption, but there is no human man who can save the world.

God’s purpose for the earth has been clear from the first words in written in the Bible, and that was to provide a home for mankind, where they would be able to live in peace and harmony.

But the world has continually rejected God until we have come to where we are today.

Armageddon is a war that will shed the blood of the armies of the world, it will be something that will make the Hitler’s Third Reich that bathed Europe in blood, pale by comparison.

I am talking about the prophecy in the bible that says that Jesus Christ will come back to the earth, this is often referred to as the second coming.

If you are a Christian, it is a time for you to act so that you can rejoice.

Today is the time for you standing on the edge of the greatest piece of history and to to recognize it and have faith that it is about to happen and faith that the promises contained in the Bible will be delivered.

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