Standing in support of Wellington

To the protesters in Wellington who now occupy the grounds of Parliament.

Don’t stop, you have accomplished a lot already.

Under trying conditions, you are putting up and not responding to provocation but refused to take the bait.

You have kept your heads and supplied a model for the rest of the country.

The momentum you have started is growing by the day with groups starting to form in other parts of the country who are standing with you.

Slowly the country is starting to listen to what the minority of the team of 5 million have been trying to tell them.

There have been suggestions this protest will grow but you have to stay strong and committed.

To move forward the protest must have leadership, be united and have a clear goal and above all be disciplined.

Protesters must remain calm, resolute, but not stop or deny the freedoms of others while trying to achieve the goal.

This movement once it has direction and leadership should then be able to decide the direction the protest takes.

It needs to decide what happens as the political process bends in the direction that you’ve insisted upon.

Once this has happened, I am guessing you will pack up and return home to what should be a normal life.

But for those who are the more radical and there is a remnant amongst you, they will want to stay on, and to be fair, that is something the leadership will have difficulty in managing.

But to you protesters who have given up the comfort of your homes, who have jobs, those who stood against the mandates who lost their jobs, the many who have joined you, the business people who support you, or the growing swell of similar groups.

You are standing for an end to mandates and an end to the two tier system created by this government.

You are standing in support for the Freedom of rights for all New Zealanders.

You are standing for an end to the hardships imposed by governments actions.

And above all, you are showing that while we as kiwis will normally go along with things, we are prepared to stand up and voice our disapproval when something is not right.

We stand with you in Wellington in support, we pray for ears and eyes to be open but above all we pray for God to defend New Zealand, and a normative piece and the reestablishment of our psychological and social wellbeing.

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