Question: WHY?

Now that the occupation of Parliament Grounds has ended probably the way everyone expected it to.

Its time to take a breath and reflect on the past three weeks.

There have been calls for an enquiry over the protests, but really do you think there will be culpability and fairness shown by both sides.

It depends on which side of the barricade you stood during this time as to how you viewed the protesters, the Police, the media and the government.

There is however one undeniable fact that shouldn’t be ignored and that was the reason this protest and others in various parts of the country happened.

And that was the overreaching of power by the Ardern Government who were drunk with the power they were given at the start of this pandemic.

While emergency powers were given through the parliamentary process in the form of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and later amendment, in which there are many.

This government has overlooked the control mechanisms put in place and that was that the order did not limit the rights and freedoms in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

With well over 90% of the population receiving a double dose of the Pfizer vaccination either voluntarily, coerced, or mandated.

In 2021 Prime Minister Ardern stated no one would be forced to take the vaccine,

But the rhetoric changed almost overnight with the introduction of the Delta strain and suddenly everything changed, and it became what it was,

Really, I don’t have time to spell out the huge number of freedom and rights that were taken away from New Zealanders.

The argument that it was the right thing to do for the greater good was used but the fact remains

This government showed it would use every means possible to inject you with this vaccine.

Is it any wonder many thousands of New Zealand who were representative of all walks of life marched to protest eventually gathering and occupying Parliament Grounds?

Like all protests they used their rights to gather at the newly named “Peoples Parliament” to air their grievance,

But unlike other protests, no one from any our representation in Parliament was prepared to listen.

These protesters weren’t ignored, they were instead marginalized by those very people elected to represent them.

The question needs to be asked is Why?

Despite the protestations about threats and violence, no one and I mean no one was remotely interested in talking with this protest at any point but to be fair to the government they did engage with the protesters, but it was with batons, rubber bullets and riot shields.

Could it have all been part of the plan to get the timing right, use negative rhetoric against the occupiers, get middle New Zealand on side, ensure the protest gets to a tipping point have the Police clean it out and then tell the country how bad it was.

Certainly, Ardern who on election night promised to govern for all New Zealanders was nowhere to be seen exercising leadership.

Her actions and the later actions of the speaker of the house only galvanised the opposition, until it inevitably ended the way it did with violence.

Watching from afar, to me there were two occupations of Parliament.

One was the daily footage from the protesters from their Camp Freedom

The other was the one painted by the Government fuelled by the media cheer team.

Like most New Zealanders, I do not condone the violence and some of the fringe elements of the protestors, nor the actions of some police officers but the reasons why this uprising took place rests fairly and squarely, I believe with the occupier of the ninth floor of the Beehive.

I have said it often, I fear for this country.

What Jacinda Ardern has shown us is how easy and how quickly it is to change a nation.

The team of five million was divided just six months ago and supposedly conquered,

A large portion of New Zealanders stood by and applauded as one protester put it “this girl in a skirt” overrode the rights and liberties of New Zealand.

Believe me when I say the caste has been set for the future for a new world government and like we have seen in the past few months it will happen quickly.

I said I fear for this nation.

While the Government stands up for the rights of Ukraine on the international stage it’s ironic that the National Museum in Auckland is being lit up in support of freedom for Ukraine, there is an encampment on the lawn outside protesting the lack of freedom for people in our own country.

I noted earlier the safeguards of the Covid 19 Health Response Act earlier.

It was one sentence in a myriad of words, but I ask the question

I ask, how many times have we heard this government and others say this bill or that one has protections for the rights of individuals built into them?

I think the occupation of Parliament showed Dare I say it, the guys at the Tui brewery were right when it coined the phrase, Yeah, right.

Doesn’t matter what or who is in power, they rule only for themselves.

Even looking through the Bible at the Judges of Israel, there were good ones and not so great.

But take this thought with you today,

There will soon be an end to all this anguish when real leadership will rule the earth and that is the hope that I long for is when the King of kings, Lord of Lord takes his place and brings an end to all mistrust of governments when, Jesus rules this earth with love. Amen?

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