Answering The Rainbow Narrative

You know here we are in 2022 and there are so, so many things we are not allowed to talk about, have an opinion about for fear we might hurt someone’s feelings.

Now if you have been a follower of Christian Voice New Zealand we don’t shrink away from the big issues in life.

Our mission is not to tickle ears or tip toe around issues.

I am going to state something which I think is obvious, I am a Christian.

But not just an ordinary Christian, I am openly Christian.

The reason I am stating the obvious was because I was recently referred to as being transphobic after I posted a comedy video which I thought was funny.

The video was about a motorbike racer who didn’t make it and then decided he would “identify” as a cyclist but still rode his motorbike and won all the races.

Silly I know but the reaction I received was amazing.

Being called Transphobic/Homophobic didn’t worry me because according to Wikipedia to be transphobic would need me to have a fear, and aversion, show violence and anger or discomfort towards people who do not conform to certain constituencies in society regarding gender.

But here’s the thing, I am Christian and as such I have opinions based on God’s word The Bible.

Dare I say it, I am allowed to have an opinion as a man.

Some people already see this as an issue because it wasn’t that long ago the opinions of old white-haired men was worthless.

So anyway, I shared this comedy skit because I have a sense of humour.

While most of the audience could see the humour and there were comments from some females regarding the absurdity of sportsmen competing as women, there was comment from within the Gay community.

Now I believe everyone is entitled to comment on things they like and dislike.

But I find it intriguing that when the Gay community calls me out for being negative towards homosexuality and things related, they in turn make negative comments about my God and sometimes are just plainly -not nice.

If you are a gay person I say to you, “Your triggers are your responsibility- It is not the worlds obligation to tip toe around you.”

Now here’s the thing 24 hours another post appeared encouraging cycle riders who were Gay Bi Trans Intersex and a few other tags to join two groups, one in Auckland and the other in Wellington especially for them. It went onto say that both groups are safe spaces for Queer cyclists.

Obviously, they’re not going to ride on the roads.

If I were a road cyclist in competition or even on a group ride, would I be aware that Harry riding next to me was Gay and feeling unsafe, or for that matter whether Harry had been circumcised or whether Harry had just come through a marriage break up, or come to that Harry used to be Mary?

A question was asked in the comments section to the author, “define a safe space,” another “how do you spot a gay cyclist.”

The Gay community chooses to be who they are, they are proud to be different, only happy to receive support, yet unwilling to accept comment, opinion, or condemnation from other members of the community, who do not support their lifestyle and believe me, there are many groups in this country whose lifestyles are open for comment.

Here’s a few, Gangs, Gloria vale, beneficiaries, Māori, Pacific Islanders, Christians. And many ethnicities.

You know it wasn’t that long ago ,we as New Zealanders were allowed to laugh at ourselves.

Bring back Billy T James I say.

Billy showed us that we can be different and not to be too serious about life and to laugh at ourselves.

But with the changes in society which allows a victim mentality, everyone and I mean everyone is walking on tiptoe in case they say the wrong thing.

There may well be an acceptance from a proportion of the community towards the Gay community, but I have found the moment you ram anything down one’s throat, and dare I say Christianity is not immune, but if it’s rammed down your throat then there is resistance.

Which brings me to the point.

I am an openly a Christian.

With that brings certain obligations.

Why would I want to be seen to accept something that the Bible calls an abomination to GOD?

The Gay community can dress up their lifestyle but at the root of it all is they act and perform against what is natural.

Genesis1 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

Now I don’t know of any other historical documentation to suggest anything different.

The Bible account of the creation of man and woman is undisputed, unless you accept Charles Darwin’s evolution theory that man evolved from the Apes.

Which is preposterous as I see no evidence of man evolving into something else.

Maybe that’s why there is so much emphasis on homosexuality?

Honestly I’m exasperated by the whole thing.

If the Gay community wants the worlds acceptance, then they in turn need to learn to live in the world.

Like being a Christian I accept not everyone accepts God and his standards.

Sometimes being a Christian, we find it hard and sometimes we fail.

But we don’t get upset to the point where we show the level of aggression, as shown by the Homosexual community towards others who find their lifestyle unnatural and the act of sodomy as an abomination.

I stand by my right to have and share humour, just as much as I stand by my right to defend my belief as a Christian.

Because of this I am also aware the homosexual community has a right to be who they are, but like everything it comes with a cost.

Just the same as being a Christian may cost me, I know what my reward will be.

I wonder if those who engage in this unnatural behaviour fully understand the cost to themselves.

Bearing this in mind, if you are as is the norm feel trapped in another body or feel you want to get closer to God, then I invite you to reach out to a bible believing church near you.

Let them show you the way to Jesus, who really is kind and loving.

The best thing is- he’s waiting for you.

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