The rise of the bots.

Once upon a time is always a good start to any story but what I am about to say won’t have a successful conclusion.

But once upon a time we would scoff at the thought of having robots looking after us like Rosie from The Jetsons cartoon show popular back in the 1960s.

But over the years I have seen robotics used in all sorts of fields.

Rosie today has been replaced in our lives today with the friendly voices of Siri Alexa and Bixby.

Funny these days I find myself having to couch a lot of things I talk about with “Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist.” But like you I would scoff at people who would tell me that one day robots would control the world.

But the advancement of AI intelligence is marching on and we, you and I are not noticing it because it’s a gradual change.

Today we are hearing about labour shortages in many areas, with the largest being in the harvesting of summer fruit.

The response was obvious, someone has invented a machine which will go through a Kiwifruit orchard, and pick.

Okay solution for the grower, but the picking of summer fruit was something we all experienced when we were young bright eyed and bushy tailed students wanting to pay for our university fees.

Back then it was these sorts of jobs which gave us a good lesson in life. Work was hard and money did not grow on trees.

But back to AI.

It is conceivable to think about other professions conducted by AI intelligence or a Rosie type robot.

WE are desperately short of aged care workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, and the list go on.

I find it quite strange we have the biggest number of people to ever live on this planet, yet we are facing so many labour shortages.

What are all these people doing?

But think about that for a moment, in the areas of health, education, and soon bureaucracy which will see some huge changes.

The latest WEF conference in Dubai is proposing, AI will make the government “invisible”.

 Now I know what your thinking is no more pics of politicians, today that is a benefit, but designed to lead to a world of no accountability for government and politicians.

Already we see accountability is a commodity no one seems to want.

Imagine a classroom of children taught by Robotic Rosie. programmed by a left-wing liberal state. Guarantee, if you object, you will lose.

There will be no grey areas here, no compassion for the child who has an accident and no humanity.

I’m not going down the track of health as its already happening even for some surgery.

However, all I will say about it is having had knee surgery, AI will not have the same bedside manner and the ability to make me laugh like my surgeon did.

How far is AI going to go?

It will never replace you, think again.

My Twitter feed is full of adverts for an app for a thing called Replica.

The manufacturers of the app describe Replica as your personal AI friend that’s always there for you!

You can create your Replica & get to know yourself better today!

Well, if the advertisements are anything to go by you can replace your nearest and dearest with something that can build your self-esteem and satisfy your desires.

It’s a bit like the guy who wanted to marry his laptop a few years back. He said he got more satisfaction watching porn than he did in a real relationship.

Artificial Intelligence can be helpful, but we have all seen the movies, we know how its all going to turn out.

And yet we have already accepted Artificial Intelligence into our daily lives, just ask Siri, or Alexa, or Bixby.

But the takeaway from this is that we humans, men, and women were created in the image of God.

I want you to just think about that for a moment- God, created us in his own image, which makes us special.

We know God is always there for us, we know how we can live our lives based on his word and we know we can walk and talk and get answers to questions.

We can get satisfaction knowing him and understanding his love for you and me.

So why should we lean towards a bot to give us what humans desire the most.

A replica is a duplicate, an imitation, a model, a copy, not the genuine deal. Sorry Siri, sorry, Alexa, sorry Bixby, and sorry Rosie, you all sound wonderful, but I am going to find love, compassion, and security from the one in whose image I am created and created a real life, breathing companion for me.

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