Is the National Anthem for Christians?

Every now and then someone brings up the suggestion we should renew our national anthem.

Earlier this year I received a phone call from a man who is not a New Zealand born citizen but is a Christian.

He asked me several questions but the one which floored me was when he asked if we should sing the national anthem.

My response was yes, it’s a prayer to God, its really the only thing we have left in a secular world, why wouldn’t we.

He then started to explain his reasoning and talked about the author Thomas Bracken who wrote it as a poem and later put it to music by a Lawrence choir master John Woods.

Turns out Thomas Bracken was a member of the Freemasons.

As yet, I haven’t been able to establish to what degree he was.

But he was a Freemason nonetheless and we know as Christians that Freemasonry has been known to worship the devil.

Freemasons would scoff at this point, but then they would.

So going back to my conversation, he then asked me about Satan the Devil and told me Satan’s role in heaven was that of guardian Cherub of angels.

He was given great power and influence.

He was referred to as Lucifer the morning Star.

We are all familiar of how Lucifer became Satan and had free access to and from the heavenly realm.

Hopefully, we all know that in the book of Revelation Satan was cast from the heavens and the door has been firmly shut.

WE read in the Bible where Satan is often referred to as the Ruler of this world and over in Matthew 4 there is the account where Satan tried to tempt Jesus with all the nations of the world.

I’ll give you them all to you if you do an act of worship to me.

Satan couldn’t offer what he didn’t have.

So, my conversation continued about the national Anthem

The first line God of Nations at thy feet my caller recited.

Given the historical background of the writer Thomas Bracken which god are we referring to with these words, and the question is posed – at whose feet do we worship.

Remember Satan’s words to Jesus If you bow down to me, I will give you all the nations.

Is it the God of the heavens or is it the god who rules the nations of the world?

Then the next bit, In the bonds of love we entreat.

When you look at the state this nation is in

Would it be fair to say it has become bound and in bondage to God or Satan?

When we talk of a bond, there are many definitions, but bonds are debts, if the issuer does not pay back their debt, then the bond is in default. However, the issuer of the bond can call for a higher interest or payment to be made.

We are certainly not in bondage to the God of Heaven as Jesus Christ repaid any debt on the cross.

Should the Capital G in the word god be a small g.

I have had many conversations with pastors and theologians.

Following a period of silence their reactions were different.

From “it is worthy of consideration to I’m not prepared to draw a line in the sand over it”

The interesting response was about Thomas Bracken as to whether he authored the poem God Defend New Zealand, before or after he became a Freemason, and if he wrote it as a Freemason, what knowledge did he have regarding the practices.

One suggested that if God should use an ass to speak for him, why not a Freemason.

As a Christian organization we have used the national anthem at all our presentations and on podcasts, but this question has made us reconsider whether we should use it. We have decided not to in the interim.

I have always pondered as to why in a nation which has rejected God but when the All Blacks play, we hear so many people in the crowd singing it with passion.

But I ask which God is it they are asking for protection.

Secularism today fears the God of the bible being taught in our schools

It rejects the premise that there is a God

They reject the bible

And they reject the worship of the God of Heaven the creator of the earth being acknowledged in public.

I can only assume when they stand and sing passionately it is indeed the current GOD of Nations, they are asking to be their protector.

Based on the evidence should Christians continue to sing the current National Anthem.

I’m not so sure?

What are your thoughts?

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