What woman doesn’t want to be provided for and protected?

“Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a love can be
The sweet love story that is older than the sea”

No, I’m not going to get soppy or anything like that, but it is a beautiful story.

The story is about this landowner dude who sees a poor girl scavenging for food in his fields, immediately falls for her and then wants to provide for her and protect her.

Now a story like this will have the hankies out and to others, they will be incensed by the stereotypical male who thinks the woman who is quite strong in the story. should be provided for because of her social demographic and she should be protected because she is a woman.

Here goes, deep breath!

What is wrong with a man wanting to provide and protect a woman.

What woman strong or otherwise doesn’t want a man to provide and protect them?

Oh boy I’ll come back to this question later

So, the story is a biblical one and is about Ruth who was married but her husband died, and she went to live somewhere else with her mother-in-law.

Now because there was no man, and in the period, the man was the provider and protector, they were broke.

To get food women could go into a landowner’s field and glean or collect what wasn’t harvested or left over.

Now it turns out that Boaz the landowner turned up on the day Ruth was gathering in the field and the attraction was immediate.

Let’s face it, Ruth was a good-looking woman, and Boaz was a bit of a hunk.

Boaz eventually met Ruth and told her she should feel free to glean all his fields, but this was after he had the conversation with his workers to ensure she was safe and left alone.

His action established he would be her provider and protector.

Now I’m not going to tell you how the story finished, you can read that for yourself.

But the story raises some cultural issues we face today.

We must establish common ground where you accept men and woman are biologically different.

For those of you who disagree I’ll come back to this point before I finish.

Regardless of the current climate and thinking, men and women are biologically and mentally different and I’m happy to debate that view until the cows come home.

There is a thought in the world that we should treat women like men.

Interestingly we don’t hear it from the other side where men should be treated like women.

Although there are some men who want to be women and women want to be men, but that’s altogether another rabbit hole and not what I am talking about.

In 1 Peter 3 husbands are exhorted to be considerate as they live with their wives and treat them with respect
Now I was brought up in a home and community where respect and decency were the norm.

To this day, I will let women enter a door first, stand up and let a woman take my seat on the bus and so forth.

Yep, I get some strange looks especially from younger woman.

But while they want to be emasculated, I want to show them honour, this is the world I was brought up in, this is what I was taught, I try to honour you, but today your reaction dishonors me. I tried to grace you and you just disgraced me.

Who’s to say in 20 years’ time today’s thoughts may have changed and life will be different.

Another rabbit hole.

Before the internet existed, the women’s movement tried to gain respect which I agree some women needed, and to be honest every person needs.

But today its morphed into just a gender identity confusion in our culture, where there is no difference between men and women.

Biology. It’s defining, but identity confusion is defying gods beautiful design of the two genders.

I have no issues with females wanting to do what was considered men’s work.

This is what equality is, isn’t this the point the women’s movement wanted?

But it’s going too far and sports women agree when we have men who identify as women competing in competitions because they are biologically different.

Now it is getting further out of hand with documentation where pronouns can be used, or you can be nonspecific about gender.

We are now living in a culture of confusion and the internet does not help with all its misinformation and lobby groups promoting and manipulating truth

 Set our hearts and minds on truth and stay cantered in the in the word of God, because God will help us always to know what is right, what is wrong with this, true from what is false,

The Bible is the source of God’s absolute truth.

So, rout out all the confusion by bathing and washing it with the word of God.

And you know in this is a beautiful story here in the book of Ruth.

Boaz says I’m going to support her. This is not like, well, this is sexist, you know?

 The left leaning would say Look at this guy. He’s like, trying to support her, but she doesn’t need providing or protection, you know, she’s a strong woman. OK, well, look.

This beautiful story here. This is a man who wants to protect this woman and he wants to support her.

 Along these lines, if I could just quickly say this to wrap it up, ladies, sometimes you know, if you’re married, if your husband says I don’t want you driving that long distance alone, or if he says to you, I don’t want you going out in, in the severe weather in your car, he’s not trying to be controlling. He’s trying to be protective.

And if your family is going through a tough time and

Your family wants to help financially, but your husband says I’d rather get a second job.

It’s not because he doesn’t appreciate the offer.

 He’s saying it because he wants to provide.

Maleness is not recognized in our culture because of the way our culture has trended.

 When you read this story here, this is a beautiful reminder of a man whose very name means strength. And all he wanted to do was to supply and protect.

I said earlier I would come back to the question of what woman wouldn’t want to be provided for and protected?

I think the answer to that has some bearing on how you view equality and the way you view yourself.

We are all made in the image of God which makes us all special.

In the Genesis account unfortunately, we read the story and downfall of where women first wanted equality.

Like I said men and women are biologically different, we’re wired differently, that is why when I watch something on YouTube my wife loses the will to live, and if she ever wants to watch The Notebook or anything that comes close to it, I’m out here.

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