The perfect economic storm is here

Since the beginning of 2022 we posted three podcasts relating to the concerns facing the world like the global cost of living crisis.

I recall someone scoffed in the comments section at the idea of paying a week’s wages for a loaf of bread.

Today we see the cost of bread is stable but other items are not.

A post on Twitter exclaimed a 1 kg block of cheese which is not imported but manufactured in New Zealand was costing $21.95 at their local New World.

It wasn’t helped by someone suggesting instead of buying 1 KG cheese maybe they should buy 500g instead as it would only be half the price, there’s always must be a clown somewhere.

There are many stories emerging where people are saying they had spent more for less in their supermarket trolley.

Who, six weeks ago would have believed the price of fuel would exceed $3 a litre, let alone see the government reduce the size of its take in excise tax?

 Right now, all I can say is If you’re waiting for things to “return to normal”, you can stop waiting, because a perfect storm has arrived, and things are definitely not going to be “normal” for the foreseeable future.

What is obvious it’s not just New Zealand facing these issues.

One thing is for sure what we are experiencing today is not just a New Zealand problem – its affecting everyone on our planet, and the one Jacinda Ardern is on.

As we warned in previous podcasts, 2022 is going to see famine like conditions.

We spoke last November about China stockpiling as much grain it could get its hands upon.

One of the world’s biggest suppliers of grain, Ukraine is preoccupied at the moment and the harvesting of an export product is the least of its worry.

But what about other food producers in the world?

The US has been hit by drought like conditions, In the Middle East a bomb wiped out grain storage facilities and suddenly what grain is available has rocketed in price.

Add onto the issues of transport with delays at ports, then the cost of fuel at the pump.

In New Zealand, our farmers have seen rises in the cost of fertilizer, increased costs to harvest and they are not the ones who are going to absorb the costs.

The New Zealand government could foresee the issues we are facing today.

I’m not sure but haven’t we just finished a government enquiry into fuel companies and supermarket profits?

Ironically, it’s the corporations who are making a profit that are the ones responsible for how much you are paying while the government absolves itself of all responsibility for the economy.

While New Zealand pours money into climate change and other idealistic ideals – its people are going without.

We may well have to wait another 18 months or so for a change of government but even then, they will not resolve the crisis we are facing.

I’m sorry what we are going through is just the start of the perfect storm, just watch the money markets as they start to crash.

We can put all our faith, and hope, in politicians to help us rise again, but let me tell you this and watch what happens.

Jesus foretold to watch out for things like, famines, pestilences, war, just to name a few from Matthew 24, you can read about those yourself, but he was talking about the end.

While we are starting to go through challenging times, we cannot look to our worldly leaders for an answer.

We are living in the end times but before the return of Jesus Christ, the bible foretold of a time of tribulation.

An answer will come in the form of just one man who will solve all the problems and then create mayhem on the earth during his seven-year reign

You have heard of him He is the antichrist.

Believe me, paying a week’s wage for a loaf of bread will be the least of our problems.

My message today is simple.

Times are getting tougher, but our hope should never diminish.

Simply look up, believe that Jesus is your saviour, then know your salvation is near.

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