The (Left’s) Long March Through The Institutions

I’m not surprised when someone tells me they’re tired these days, stressed even.

This world is changing at such a rapid pace even I can’t keep up with it.

I remember my parents saying something back in the sixties but if they thought the cultural changes they saw because of Rock n Roll, flower power, drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and LSD along with girls popping the contraceptive pill and the explosion of free unadulterated sex, was mind blowing.

Politically back then, the generation was divided into two camps, Left and right.

If you were Left, you were typically from a blue-collar manual working background.

Socio economically poor, often berating the wealthy, and radical in your thinking, a bit of a socialist

On the political right you were socio economically wealthy, a free marketeer, capitalist, but conservative in your outlook

I’m only glad they are not around today to see the results of what an insignificant cultural ideal was started which is having a major impact worldwide.

I’m talking about a quiet revolution to overthrow a society without the use of force, military or political.

Today, we recognise this subversive idea as the Long March through the institutions.

What started out as a slogan. I guess the sixties had lots of them, Ban the Bomb, Free Love, Peace.

But the long march a phrase used as a reference to a prolonged struggle of the Chinese communists which included a physical long marc of their army across China back in 1934.

But the author of the slogan communist student activist Rudi Dutschke around 1967 described his strategy for setting up the conditions for the revolution to subvert society by infiltrating institutions such as the professions by infiltrating the idea of Marxism through schools, universities media and the church.

Dutschke was encouraged by the German/American born writer and philosopher Herbert Marcuse who in his 1972 book Counterrevolution and Revolt thought the theory of a quiet evolution was possible and so it started.

The strategy was what we call the long game, rather than striking and causing anarchy the idea was to infiltrate, rather than learning to do a job but how its done, and this they did with the professions.

They learned about mass media, computerisation, education, production, they were over everything and no one noticed.

The long march included the concerted effort to build up counter institutions.

So, it’s no surprise today when we see how much influence the left leaning has.

For years we have allowed our children to be influenced and radicalised by teachers within the education system, not forgetting the entertainment system.

It should be no surprise to you that it is now the educated, wealthy who are thinkers of the left ideologies, it’s almost been like a pendulum swing. But that is exactly how the march through the institutions by the Marxist.

 It’s been slow, but it hasn’t quite got there yet.

For attitudes to change you need to start at the beginning of a generation.

If you are the parent of pre-schoolers, you can see how the curriculum is now radicalizing your children.

Is it any wonder our education success figures are low, and children are opting out of school?

Its because the system no longer teaches them how to read write and think.

If the preschool book the Gay BC isn’t enough to convince you where your child is being taken you need to wake up.

The march has gone through the entertainment industry using the gay agender and forces homosexuality or alternate lifestyles to be accepted as normal.

The march has gone through the halls of Christianity as it has succumbed to the views of the Marxist, just as some had last century with fascism.

The God worshipped and taught in these institutions is not the God of the Bible.

We need to be alert, we need to ponder, question every word from the pulpit and then check it against Gods word, and if it isn’t there or it’s been manipulated, you’re in the wrong church.

In New Zealand we see the government trying to introduce new ideals and radical thinking which are foreign to us, and they are, but the majority have been taught how to accept them without protest.

The march through the institutions is about alter belief, altering mindsets, altering the ability to think by oneself and having a reliance on the government.

In other words, they are making us stupid.

That is not being harsh, but a true statement

Over the past two years in the name of a pandemic we have seen the governments of the world control us in a mass experiment.

Anyone who has spoken out against it have been labelled as radicals, terrorists, conspiracy theorists, tin hat wearers.

But do you know what, there are still thankfully a lot of people like that.

There voices will remain as did the watchmen on the walls of the cities of the Old Testament as a warning of things approaching.

The march through the institutions is not Fake, it’s real, and its upon us all.

But have faith, it is not the end there is redemption, salvation still ahead of us.

You and I, we just need to remember the words of Jesus, stay on the watch, these times must come before the return of the son of man.

Looking forward to that day I can tell you.

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