A Rare Commodity – Loyalty

Ian Foster retains his position as head coach for the All Blacks until the end of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

That really should come as no surprise to anyone given the loyalty of the NZRFU.

The rugby organization had the opportunity many times to dump coaches who were underperforming.

Graham Henry, Laurie Mains, Wayne Smith, and John Mitchell were retained despite appalling records, but went onto win or come close to winning the Rugby World Cup.

What price would you put on loyalty?

We demand it from our family, friends and even our dogs.

Loyalty is something no one can or should take for granted in today’s ever-changing society.

WE are all loyal to a point, just ask any person who has been involved in a solicitous relationship outside of marriage,

Loyalty in this century is huge, that is why commercially so many companies are prepared to buy it either with a free cup of coffee to some extravagant giveaways

Loyalty is about forming an allegiance with another party, like what governments do when deciding its friends.

Currently New Zealand has an allegiance among others with Australia, the United States and China.

It is a decision that’s not taken lightly.

In Ian Foster’s case, I am sure the NZRFU would have weighed the cost of sacking him vs keeping him on.

But they remained loyal to the decision and the man they chose eighteen months ago to lead the All Blacks.

It wasn’t that long ago the country was being urged to be loyal to the America’s Cup yachting Team New Zealand via a song by Dave Dobbyn.

While we show loyalty to one another I find it quite disturbing that many in this nation shows little or no loyalty to the one who created the earth, man, and woman.

Unlike the commercial sector God has no price on loyalty.

Many times, we read in the scriptures of his loyalty to the nation of Israel.

A nation which rejected him and formed allegiances with other nations that were guilty of many detestable practices.

We can read where the nation received severe judgement and was taken into captivity.

Despite this God remained loyal to the nation and still does today.

Loyalty doesn’t rely on what you personally get out of a relationship.

Unlike a cat or dog, whose loyalty is centered around a food bowl, loyalty for humans comes from the heart.

As a nation we have become so ungrateful to the loyalty shown to us by our creator.

Just look at what this nation has become.

We have become self-centered, self-righteous, and self-pretentious to the point we believe we no longer need God in our lives.

Hit the wrong button people, whether you are a Christian, or not while we no longer show loyalty, God has not altered.

Think about this, who is it that makes the sun rise and set every day, who provides the oxygen we breathe and so it goes on.

This is truly God at work showing loyalty to his creation.

His creation spelt out in the first book of the bible in Genesis 1 clearly states he made you and me.

His loyalty is unwavering, his loyalty to us will never cease, his loyalty will continue for his people until time indefinite.

As members of society, we need to ask ourselves what loyalty means to me.

Take time out and list the organizations, the people, the family to whom you show loyalty.

As for Ian Foster, the NZRFU has shown faith and has been loyal, now it’s onwards and upwards with the hope we can lift the Rugby World Cup in 2023,

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