Is The Antichrist Amongst Us.

Is he walking amongst us now

That is the question many are asking

Is the person soon to reveal himself as the Anti-Christ amongst us.

When you look closely at events happening around the world you can only conclude his time is near.

Worldwide civil unrest brought about by soaring food prices, energy costs and inflation are expected to bring in a time of discontent.

Pockets of unrest are being felt in Europe, Sri Lanka, Peru, Kenya, Ecuador, and Iran will soon spread and New Zealand won’t be immune.

Making sense of the impending global turmoil is Verisk Maplecroft, a UK-based risk consulting and intelligence firm.

They have just published an updated version of the Civil Unrest Index (CUI), covering seven years of data, showing the last quarter saw the most countries ever since the index was created move higher in civil unrest risk

 Given New Zealand’s inflation, along with its failing economy and anti-government protests we must add our country to the list.

When the people’s livelihoods are affected — watch out — that’s an environment ripe for social unrest. It’s already happening in Europe and could spread like wildfire.

Already New Zealanders are feeling the pain of rising food prices, high energy costs and an unaffordable housing market,

Couple this up with a growing number of people who are reliant upon the Government for food and housing.

It’s clear the New Zealand Government has no answer to the spiraling out of control economy, except to print more money devaluing the dollar along with its buying power,

Only a significant reduction in global food and energy prices can arrest the negative global trend in civil unrest risk.

Recession fears are mounting, and inflation is expected to be worse in 2023 than in 2022,” 

We are watching civilization crumble all around us and we are rapidly plummeting into an abyss of anarchy, madness and chaos, and the days ahead are not going to be pleasant.

Think back to the Arab spring of 2011 when anarchy broke out on the streets of middle eastern countries like Morocco, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and Sudan.

Arabs protested in the streets which lead to governments being overthrown,

Anarchists don’t need a reason, they will stir the masses to suit their agenda,

Think about the siege of the White House in Washington, locally think about how wrong the protests could have gone at Parliament earlier this year.

Many Bible prophecy scholars speculate that such worldwide anarchy could open the door to civilization crying out for someone to save us from ourselves. 

Instead of looking to God, society will turn to yet another politician who will offer promises of peace and solutions to the world’s problems but instead it will begin one of the most terrible times in all of world history.

This period known as “The Tribulation Period” will last 7 years and be instigated by the one known as “The Antichrist”.

The Antichrist will bring about peace and security for the world under a one world government, but it won’t last.

Halfway through the seven-year period the Antichrist will reveal his true mission and it will really be woe for the world.

When you look at events happening now you may well wonder where to from here.
let me tell you about how no politician in this country can bring the population together when their back pockets have been decimated.

Add into the mix overseas influences, the prospects for New Zealand appear dire.

If you want to find out more check out The Book of Revelation which describes this coming period in detail.

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