What in the world is happening

I was looking through some old notes and came across a sermon I presented to many audiences in the early days of our ministry it was called What in the world is going on.

Today I have decided to share some of those thoughts from over a decade ago as they remain relevant today.

Back then there was huge amount of noise from Christian writers about the demise of the world, the rapture was about to happen, Jesus was returning soon, the impressive sight of a blood moon over Jerusalem was a sight to behold.

Yes, they were heady days, a lot of books were published and sold, but the likes of Jonathan Cahn, and his Shemitah, John Hagee with his Blood Moons and a guy called Andy who put together a video on events happening around that time.

There was just one tiny thing Christians forgot, Jesus told his disciples, he didn’t know when the end would come, only his father knew.

Regarding the end times. A decade on I believe the culture this generation is growing up with could well take us to Armageddon.

Certainly conditions, attitudes and lifestyles all point towards a convergence of the signs Jesus told his disciples about on the Mount of Olives.

Back in 2013 I spoke about how New Zealanders will be feint with fear, because our family life, our financial wellbeing, our economy and now our safety along with the moral standards upon which this country was built on, is slowly being eroded.

You know I can honestly admit I was wrong; today’s society doesn’t really care about these things as its drunk on living for today.

Over a decade ago the Civil Defence had a message which very few people heeded it was “get Ready, Get through.”

One of the things we were encouraged to have a survival pack made up of fresh drinking water food and a gas stove to help get us through at least 3-4 days until help arrived

I often think about the old telephone book that the instructions of what to do in the event of natural disaster, when I was a boy reading that I was thinking what on earth was a Tsunami, that was then, and this is now, and I understand but back then something about the warning resonated there were two points, one was don’t go down to the beach.

Having gone through a Tsunami evacuation I noted -not everyone understands that point.

I recall on the news one night a camera crew filmed families at the beach, parents who brought down there toddlers saying , we thought we would bring the kids down to the beach so they can see the wave, Honestly you can not make this stuff up,

The other was that if you see the wave coming, – it’s too late. A tsunami travels at the same speed as a commercial jet airliner, don’t know if you’ve ever tried to outrun that.

Japan’s televised Tsunami gave us a better insight of what to expect, first it was a rise in the sea level and as it came closer to land it gets to a wave stage.

Realistically if you were on a boat at sea all you would feel is the rise of the water.

Maybe that’s what we could say about the world today, we see a form of calmness that we accept as normal, eventually we have a ripple, and sometimes all it takes is a ripple to change a course by even half a degree, no one notices and we get used to it, and before long, another ripple and already your heading in another direction but still no one notices, it’s a thing called Gradualism

Back then I spoke a lot about the threats to the family, I see they were well heeded- not.

I mentioned the growing influence of the LGBT community would have on our children’s education and leisure times, No one listened.

I even touched on the economy and how it was going to crash, and a new one world government would arise, it’s about to happen.

But the one thing I recall speaking about was how apathetic people would be to the word of God.

Back then it was all revival coming from the pulpit, Revival, revival, revival. Yeah right.

Today’s society and I was right when I said they would treat the bible the same way they treat fairy tales.

Yeah, its sad, but you know each generation is smarter than the last. Remember when we were young, we wanted the world to change for the better, This generation believe we made it a mess and now they’re going to save the planet.

Well, you know we weren’t that smart and our generation made a lot of mistakes, but as we look at this generation we like our parents did with us, we just shake our heads and roll our eyes.

Well, that was back in 2013.

Not much has changed people are still apathetic to Gods word, not many are getting ready to get through anything, but if you are one of Gods people you will understand  when Jesus said when you see the signs, Rejoice! The king is coming. The Bible says that there will be no end to his kingdom. The Messiah, Jesus Christ is waiting in heaven for the appointed time

But until that time, what is it that we should be doing right now? We should…

1/ be living like there is, no tomorrow. Get out of bed every morning and think, this could be my last day, we should live with an expectation that today could be the last day of this system of things.

2/ be vigilant pray and watch.

Jesus told us he would return like a thief in the night, so therefore we don’t want to be caught off guard. Understanding the time, we live in is imperative, did you not read in the bible that Jesus says over and over again, I do not want you to be ignorant of these things.

3/ must continue to occupy.

Unlike some who have foolishly set dates and fled to the mountains to wait, we must still be about the Lords Work until the time arrives. We must remain active in all realms of society; we must make our voices be heard and we must continue to put salvation in every one’s way until that day arrives.

4/Let you light Shine

As this world gets darker and darker, it is GODS people that will provide the light.

As this happens the lines between become defined more than ever before.

True followers of Jesus will come out from amongst the darkness hungry and thirsty and they will see your light and will see that you are on a mission.

When all they see is fear and uncertainty, they will see you, with hope and expectation and even excitement for what is to come. It is this that will draw them near to you, to find out what you have that they don’t.

But here’s a warning for all Christians as the day draws near, as you let your light shine, ensure you have enough gas in the tank to ensure you last the distance.

5/ Do not worry about what is to come.

GOD has called us, you, and I to be about his business, and not to worry about tomorrow.

The end of the story has already been written we have won; we just need to live out that victory

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against us will prevail, and 1 John 4:4 Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world, and Romans 8:37 we are more than conquerors through him that loves us.

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