New Zealand is going backwards

There is so much to say about what is happening in New Zealand now, its hard to decide where to start. So today I ‘m going to make a start with a word from Psalm 33. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,

To be blunt, New Zealand is no longer deemed to be a Christian Nation, and God is no where to be seen, therefore it’s not blessed.

When a nation forgets God, there is judgement.

Many Kiwis who came home during the pandemic are back on the plane heading away because it’s no longer the simple eutopia it was.

Many will look to the pandemic as the catalyst for the decline, but it was happening before that.

Just go back and watch what was our flag post presentation When A Nation Forgets God, and you will see we were talking about the slide towards secularism this country had taken even back then.

Today I look back at the pandemic, many pundits are echoing the World Economic Forums great reset agenda.

I’m not going to talk about their agenda for a one world Government, that’s a discussion for another day.

But I believe over the last two years a reset of this nation has happened.

We have seen increase in lawlessness, increase in abortion, increase in suicides, increase in abortions, increases in the lack of kids being educated via the school system, increase in commodities like petrol and food, and so it just goes on and on.

The one thing which stands out for me is the increase in losses in one season the All Blacks have endured. I know times are tough.

Now we have an increase in the official cash rate leading to economic pressures on everyone through inflation.

I don’t want this to turn into a rant about how useless the current government is, I’ll let that speak for itself.

One of the major issues in this country is the lack of balance from the media.

Recently I watched a YouTube presentation of an explanation of the proposed three waters, recorded at the Warkworth Town Hall, you may have seen it yourself.

It was obvious the speaker was trying to whip his audience into a frenzy but failed to do so.

To me there is a huge difference in being factually correct and being a racist with some idea that the good people of Warkworth would support.

Like many I’m not in favour of the proposed model of co-governance for water or anything else.

But as a nation we address issues in a respectful way and when it comes to dealing with the past, we have the Waitangi Tribunal.

The chap in Warkworth also made mention of the corrupt mainstream media and its $55million deal with the government.

As a former member of the fourth estate, I urge editors of news organisations to get back to their core business, reporting the news in a balanced way, rather than publish one sided opinion pieces from contributors who are politically leaning one way.

We now live in a country where we can legally terminate the lives of the unborn child right up to birth and legally terminate the lives of the elderly and then celebrate individual cases in the media.

Now we have politicians pointing the finger at parents, and school principals for not taking responsibility of bringing up their children.

I was surprised to think this politician had a backbone to go against the norm where it’s been understood for far too long where raising, clothing, feeding and housing our children has been the responsibility of the government.

In the bible we read about how the early Prophet Jeremiah wept for the Israel Nation when its people were taken captive and exiled to Babylon.

You know that’s exactly how I feel about our nation and the state it is in, and so quickly.

But I am emboldened by Pauls words to 2 Timothy chapter 3 when he explained that in the final days of our time we would see disobedience to parents, love themselves, money, be proud, boastful, conceited treacherous, you all know the scripture.

Like I said, there is a lot happening in our country, and one of these is communication, how we get it and how we consume it.

This message may fall on deaf ears but even if you are living in your own world of fantasy, you must have noticed this nation is not right.

If we are to take the lead from our government If it makes you feel better, then we must blame everyone else for the downturn in our fortunes.

Like the politician who pointed to parents to take responsibility for the upbringing of our children, each of us must take personal responsibility for the way we think and how we treat others and for the culture of this country.

Our country is a mess, we have rejected God in favour of secularism and we have allowed the evils of this world to infiltrate our minds, our homes, and our culture.

We need to be the gate keepers of who we allow to influence our minds and those of our children

We allow fake news, conspiracy theories, pornography, and all sorts of misinformation to come into our homes via the internet.

Paul warned the perpetrators of such things and their products are the kind who worm their ways into homes and gain control of gullible minds, who are already loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil.

If we want to see a change in this country.

We as New Zealanders need to put Christ back on the throne.

How do we do that

We put Christ back on the throne of our hearts and our conscience.

We put Christ back on the throne of our families as much depends on us.

We get back in our right biblical place.

We put Christ on the throne of law and order and political order, as much depends on us, as much as we can, we must push back against the darkness.

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