Questioning who owns the land

Ever since I sat down to write this podcast I have struggled with its content.

It concerns race issues, relating to New Zealand, but it is a message which goes against the delicate grain of Political Correctness.

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To be fair, and not getting into a discussion on who came first and who has rights to the Land, the rivers, the lakes, the coastal foreshore, or the air we breathe, I think we can all agree on the Bibles version as to how the earth was created.

WE can agree that God the creator and giver of life, gave land to Abraham for his descendants to occupy.

And yet here we are in the most confused period where information is at our fingertips still fighting over ownership.

Let me just say, regardless of how many deeds you have for land, nobody really has ownership, but you have rights and obligations regarding occupation.

To sum it up, Its Gods land, and to my knowledge, God has only ever given the Israelite nation land they can call home.

In New Zealand’s culture, today very few of us accept God exists and now can rewrite its own history.

Historically we accept things to be true like, Moriori were occupiers, were wiped out by Māori upon their arrival, Dutch explorer being the first European to our shores named it Nieuw Zeeland and then sometime after Captain James Cook anglicized the name to New Zealand.

European settlers arrived and land became an issue with Europeans trading items with Māori and it was accepted with this trade, a right to occupy.

And it is accepted that some Europeans were less than scrupulous in their dealings, which was less than fair.

Trading companies such the one headed by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, “The New Zealand Company” were responsible for many questionable real estate practices.

The Land Wars and other issues saw Māori losing their occupational rights to land.

And then in 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by both Māori and representatives of Queen Victoria who ceded all land to come under the control of realm.  

So that’s a quick history on land transfer but if you were to listen to people like members of the Māori political Party and members of the Māori caucus in the Labor Party along with some Māori radicals the tribes, their version of history says their land was stolen by European’s.

In reality no one owns the land, I say that because God created the earth for all mankind to live on.

In Genesis 7 we read where God promised land to Abraham as a place where his descendants would live.

There is nowhere else in the Biblical record which refers to the ownership of land.

I said no one can really own land (it’s a touchy subject) but we do have rights through various actions and causes to have the sole right to occupation.

History shows that Māori occupied New Zealand first. Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European and gave it a name, Niew Zeeland. British explorer James Cook was the next to arrive and anglicized the name as New Zealand.

So here we are 182 years after the signing of the treaty of Waitangi some sections of New Zealand being made to feel guilty for living in New Zealand or call it by another name.

Guilt because it is an evil land and because New Zealand was founded by white Europeans and Māori activists, (please note I am not saying all Māori) but the radicals amongst them, most likely want the white skinned members of society to hate themselves, hate their ancestors, after all  the alleged white supremacist who are deemed to be the source of all ills in New Zealand now.

The prevailing narrative in some schools is what white students are supposed to see themselves as systematically racist and the only proof that they need is the color of their skin.

I feel sorry for radicals like Willie Jackson who gets vocal about things like colonization but has done ok for himself with a net worth more than $3m.

There can be no doubt about it, white guys are living on stolen land.

Colonization has never ended it’s just become normalized instructing New Zealanders to learn which tribal land you’re currently occupying.

Yes tragically, there were atrocities against the native Māori people were committed in New Zealand when the country was established.

 They experienced terrible suffering and were often physically and sexually abused.

 My point is not to justify such evils and God will rule justly about everything that transpired.

But we cannot live with perpetual guilt about matters we had nothing to do with and cannot change.

History should be a rudder to guide us but not an anchor that keeps us from moving forward to a better future.

Cultural Marxism as we’ve learned, teaches us that we must deconstruct New Zealand, the foundation pillars of our country must be undermined and this is accomplished by generating self-hatred among white New Zealanders, stifling their ingenuity, and destroying New Zealand’s religion, its religious history. According to Karl Marx the author of Cultural Marxism, the evils of the past generation cancel any possibility that the white New Zealanders can succeed legitimately, if they do succeed it is solely because of their white privilege.

If you’re white and successful feel guilty, author Thomas Sowell in his book, “Discrimination, and disparities” argues congenitally they don’t know and with hard data that the disparities which exist in different communities were not necessarily the result of discrimination.

 He says the bedrock assumption underlying many political or ideal ideological crusades is the that social socioeconomic disparities are automatically somebody’s fault so that our choices are to blame society or blame the victim.

He argues against the assumption that if a group is failing it’s always the fault of someone else.

According to the radical left the judgment of history is on us and upon our children.

Those who are white should figuratively speaking go into a confession booth and never exit no matter how long the contrition.

They are never able to resolve the fact that they are racists who stole the land from Māori, but it is difficult for anyone to seek absolution for sins they did not comment commit, and as to the reparations for the past, how much and for how long and to whom should these funds be distributed.

And is it fair to expect this generation to pay for the wrongs they did not commit to reward a generation that did not experience these wrongs.

But what of the question of stolen land?

The unwritten though unbreakable law of the radical left is this, don’t ever compare New Zealand with other countries, it’s hard to get people to hate New Zealand if we apply the same standard to them

 If we did that, we would discover that no nation is truly legitimate.

Here is the reality, nations are established by wars, conflicts, and hostile takeovers.

 No matter where you go in this world, the story is one of various people groups displacing other people groups.

Even in New Zealand history there are reports Māori tribes fought territorial wars against each other.

 As the great historian Toynbee is quoted as saying blessed is the nation that has no history, for history is a record of war.

Let me conclude with this thought, God created the earth, which is the planet which encompasses land, seas, air, light and darkness as a home for every man, woman and child, from every tribe and nation whether we are white, brown, or black.

He allows us to occupy the land, and life is too short to spend time on questions regarding ownership.

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