The Great Reset


This article is part one in a series of four on the influence of the World Economic Forums influence on world governments and how it provides a pathway for the antichrist.

Many times, I have purchased books that declared the end was near and yet somehow the world keeps going and Jesus has not returned.

As a Christian, this is the most important thing I pray for.

And I agree that human projections about the return of Christ have been wrong and in the minds of some, have given prophecy a dubious reputation.

We should take Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 when he says of the end,” that no man knows the day nor the hour of his return, and we must always be prepared for his coming.

Scripture tells us that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

1Thessalonians 5 tells us While people are saying there is peace and security, oddly I haven’t heard that cry from the world’s leaders yet but when I do the scripture says,” sudden destruction will come upon them so let us not sleep as others do but let us keep awake and be sober.”

We must live with the return of Christ in our minds because predicted events sometimes cast the shadows.

Before they arrive, it might be instructive to ask what we see happening today that gives us insight into the future.

Each generation has pondered this question and we do so today with renewed interest because the shadows of events that will take place during the tribulation seem to be developing before our eyes.

We don’t have to agree about whether Christ coming is before or after the tribulation to realize the stage is being set for one world government, a one world currency, and world manipulation with universal control, submission, and even worship.

In Revelation 13 here, we have a terrifying description of where history will finally arrive.

Authority was given to the Beast over every tribe, people, language, and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world,

And if you refuse to worship the beast, the possibility is that you will be killed with a sword and if not killed, you’ll be starved out of your home.

Revelation 16; Its’ here that describes a universal unified world where politics, economics, and religion are controlled on a global scale.

The choice becomes yours, either fall into line or be tortured, beheaded, or starved to death in other words worship, but you know God will follow to bring these events to an end.

Some events might turn out differently than we’ve described but we need to make a modest attempt to observe what is happening today knowing that we might just be given a peek behind the curtain.

God will do as he wishes but before our eyes, the pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together.

Now you can call it the “New World Order,” or the “Great COVID-19 Reset” or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” but what we’re talking about is a world controlled from the top down, with a single government, a unified banking system, Artificial Intelligence and one global ruler.

Most of us are aware of how an avalanche can start from one single event, this is where we are in time.

Like an avalanche anyone of the things playing out in the world could be the catalyst for an avalanche which will sweep away all sovereign rights of every nation resulting I a one world Government.

The recent pandemic response in New Zealand alone should ring alarm bells, think back to night our prime minister announced on National television, as of midnight the country and its borders were going to locked down.

Look at the powers this government used, refusing border entry of its citizens, those who did make it were out under guard by both the police and the military,

Intercity travel was met with checkpoints, freedoms were eroded all in the name of Covid.

Covid like an avalanche gathered momentum across the world, sweeping across borders like there is no tomorrow.

How different is your life now post pandemic compared to pre covid, so much has changed, sad thing is, the world will never be the same as the world faces another variant strain.

Covid 19 has become a pretext for world globalization and an economic reset.

As new variants emerge, we see differing announcements rationalizing for resetting the economic, geopolitical, environmental and racial equilibrium of the world.

World Economic Forum chairman and architect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or The Great Reset in his book Covid 19 The great reset said Since it made its entry onto the world stage Covid-19 has dramatically torn up the script on how to govern, countries, how to live with one another and how we can contribute to a global economy.”

Will things return to what we term normal?

The answer is no,

Countries like New Zealand are no longer setting policies that would be best for themselves, but for the entire world.

This answers the question surrounding why the NZ Government is pushing through carbon minimization when we contribute to so little of the world’s carbon emissions.

Schwab and his students see this as an opportune time to push the world into a great reset.

 OK so let’s put this all together.

Genesis 6:5 After God created mankind and people began to multiply on the earth, we read that God saw that every intention of the thoughts of his mankind’s heart was only evil continually

 and it says vs11 the earth was filled with violence and corruption.

There’s a lesson here, mankind when left unrestrained will seek to fulfill every evil imagination that comes to mind.

No matter how noble the cause, no matter how technology and medicine have improved our lives, good things will eventually be misused for evil purposes.

In sinful humanity, the desire for power, positions, and pleasures will always have a morally downward trajectory.

The result, during Noah’s time, God sent the judgment of a worldwide flood and drowned the entire evil population, except for Noah and his family.

With that in mind let us fast forward to Jesus’ warning and Matthew 24 37 to 39.

As in the days

 The God of the genesis flood, the God who judged the people at the tower of Babel, t the God of the white throne judgment has a purpose that he alone will direct.

Thankfully, he sent Jesus to save and deliver us from the wrath to come whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he is not believed in the name of the son of God.

Yes, there will be believers in the tribulation.

Over the next few podcasts, I intend to delve into the role the World Economic Forums plans are perhaps the catalyst for the formation of a one world Government.

This will include looking at subjects such as borders, money, and surveillance and how they all come together in the jigsaw of the antichrist.

But look, there is so much happening in today’s world, we are on the precipice of an avalanche, you could say the snow above us is unstable and ready to tumble.

You can see it, it’s only a matter of time before the first drift moves, if you were on a ski field in conditions like this existed, you would act.

Today, act, don’t leave it until tomorrow, examine your hearts, accept you have conformed to this world, accept you have sinned, fall to your knees, and ask God for his forgiveness and accept Jesus into your lives today.

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