Answering the feedback

Absolutely Ridiculous.

The subject matter of my last podcast Rocking the Giants, where I spoke about Christians being mocked bullied and singled out for derision and basically getting a hard time.

If you have watched many of our presentations you will note I am direct, forthright regarding today’s society.

Our positioning statement this year is looking at today’s culture through the lens of the bible.

Hence the reason we do something called a virtual Town Hall Meeting, in which I try to discuss matters which are important within the community of New Zealand.

As always, I like getting feedback from viewers and over the past six months you have been supportive, unlike some others.

I have to say, I expect negativity because of the age we are living in.

I just want to address two comments from viewers.

The most recent comment was in response to Rocking the Giants from “the Jim tanker.”

“If you didn’t believe in things that were so obviously ridiculous then you wouldn’t be mocked so much.”

“what thing would you be prepared to draw a line in the sand and say, I am prepared to die for this.”

I just hope when you were a kid, you were mocked too much for believing in Santa Claus.

But thanks for your response, I genuinely mean that.

Your comment isn’t new, heard it or variations over the years, but let me address the “so obviously ridiculous,” I take it you used these words as a put down, an insult, a slur on my beliefs.

Can I ask you, have you investigated what it is Christians believe and the reasons why, and then decided no, it’s not for me, or are you just parroting what you believe?

And from your comments, you believe there is no God, no place for Christianity and no place for things like, morals, values, honesty, families, love, should I go on.

Or can I just quote you an answer from the book which is the foundation for my belief, which you find as so obviously ridiculous, it’s from Proverbs 18:13, To answer before listening— that is folly and shame.

But to be fair to the person making the comment, you obviously did listen, otherwise you would not have been able to make such comment.

So, I want to acknowledge your comment by saying it has given me strength because you confirmed what I already know to be true, but you find absolutely ridiculous and that is I am blessed because of your comment.

As I encouraged in my presentation, when a Christian is mocked or ridiculed, we should own it, and this is what I am doing.

The closer I get to God, the more I face ridicule, but I also accept the sad state of this nation since it moved away from God.

No longer can the nation of New Zealand is blessed by God, and as a Christian sadly, I have to accept that we have to accept our nation is under judgment and we must conduct our lives as a minority, in  a majority post Christian era.

Many, before me have been mocked and ridiculed as they were put to death as they stood steadfast for what they believed, just as Jesus was on the cross as he died.

I challenge you, the Jim Tanker, what thing would you be prepared to draw a line in the sand and say, I am prepared to die for this.

Y’know someone might say to you, this is so obviously ridiculous.

Jim the Tanker, many people, many New Zealanders sacrificed their lives for freedom, for country, for families, for friends, and many young men still sacrifice their lives for something so obviously ridiculous and that my friend is because they ignore the warnings about dink driving.

I mentioned there were two comments, the other was in response to our updated tag line from Alex Freeman who asked are we looking at today’s culture through an homophobic lens?  

To be homophobic would mean that I have an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to Homosexuality.

I can only speak for myself, but I am sure my statement will resonate with many bible believers and that is I do not fear homosexuality,

However, the Christian community sees the practice of sodomy-based lifestyles as an abomination, strong word, I know but this is how God sees it as well and we concur.

No matter how you dress the practice of sodomy, it is something which Christians along with many still in society think its detestable and unnatural.

Those who practice such vile things, homosexuality among them, are still welcome to attend a church service.

It is not our role to judge them, nor be afraid.

We here at Christian Voice look at many cultural subjects in New Zealand’s from many angles, but always through the lens of the Bible.

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