About Us

Mike Bain


Mike is the front man for Christian Voice New Zealand.

Following a lifetime of a Christian up-bringing. Mike is the first to admit he was a bit wayward in his Christian walk when younger.

With over 30 years experience in broadcasting and journalism Mike has told the stories of many, entertained and a sought after entertaining compere.

Today Mike now speaks on matters close to his heart.

The ever increasing rise of secularism in New Zealand’s society.

The demise of the Christian voice in the country.

The abandonment of morals, values and goodness in Aotearoa.

The threats to New Zealand’s family life.

The manipulating of what it is to be a New Zealander.

The ever increasing move of virtual signaling.

But most importantly, he likes to speak to every one about God’s forthcoming kingdom.

Mike is keen to spread the message, and with the use of a regular podcast and teachings available on our YouTube channel which people can subscribe.

He is always willing to accept invitations to speak to groups of any size whether it be to a home group, or in a church setting, just contact him directly.

Thank you so much for your honesty in calling out NZ for what it stands for, a sad state of affairs.

Joyce Reid YouTube viewer

Mandy bain

A long time Christian, Mandy is your first contact at any of our presentations.
You will see her servant heart make you completely welcome and at home.
Mandy is our support person behind the organisation, ensuring it runs smoothly in all areas of administration and finance.
Her servant heart is called upon on a daily basis as her work is based around home care for the elderly working for Auckland based Vision West Baptist Care.
In her off time she loves running and being “Nana” to our nine fabulous grandchildren.