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Just how close are we to a war of epic proportions and whose ready. In this episode Christian commentator Mike Bain looks at the options and some of his conclusions might surprise you.

The Church, the trust, &

the Chocolate Bar

It takes a lifetime to gain trust, but only a second to lose it. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand discusses the reasons why people fail to trust Christians and their church organisation and explains what part chocolate has to do with story.

Dumb stuff has to stop

I’m over it says Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand as he launches into a tirade against those who want to change our country. In his usual direct way he discusses education, the rainbow community, political correctness, Immigration and has a suggestion for those who think the country should look different.

Is it Ok to do your own thing

Every one of us do both stupid and regrettable things but we won’t be told. In this podcast Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand admits he hasn’t done everything by the book but advises why we should obey the law when it comes down to both mum and God. (Based on 1 Samuel 15)

Town Hall Meeting series


Continuing with the monthly Town Hall Series, Mike Bain from Christian Voice asks is the country really going to crash and burn. In this month of May NZ is less than six months away from the general election and Mike suggests there is a lack of competence in our political leaders. Using the topics of Pray, Vote, Stand, Mike leaves viewers in no doubt how this country is moving.


Expect the truth in this podcast, our third virtual Town Hall Meeting covering the subjects important to New Zealand. In this meeting Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand doesn’t hold back on issues such as why prayer is needed, the Ardern legacy, the Posie Parker riot, the truth about Marama Davidson and the need for people to stand against the evils in this country.


In this, our second Town Hall Meeting, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand continues in his direct approach to the theme of Pray, Vote, and Stand. In this meeting he looks at the New Zealand Governments response to recent weather events, while giving direction on the matters we, as a nation can pray for. Under the heading of “Stand” Mike speaks about how we should stand for the things we believe in.

Shape up or ship out

An unapologetic message to all church leaders in New Zealand and beyond

Town hall meeting. (Pray, Vote, stand)

Christian Voice has called its first (virtual) Town Hall Meeting to discuss the issues of the nation’s Christians. In this meeting a forthright Mike Bain gave his reasons why we as a nation need to pray and vote in the forthcoming elections. He encourages New Zealanders to stand firm on issues which affect them.

the great reset parts 1-4

This series looks at some of the policies initiated by the World Economic Forum, now being adopted by governments around the world, putting infrastructure for a One World Government led by the Antichrist.

When (the) facts (don’t) Matter

In this episode Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks back at events which happened in New Zealand and Canada, where the facts, let alone the truth did not matter. The arrogance of governments to override the people for decades sounds a clear warning for the future.

Questioning, who owns the land

Tell me who has rightful ownership of New Zealand. Māori claims it was stolen from them by European settlers. Christian Voice New Zealand Mike Bain in this controversial episode looks at today’s attitudes of Māori towards white people who colonized the country as they settled here.

Financial crisis looms for New Zealand

Overseas financial trends are all heading towards a recession, yet New Zealand’s finance minister Grant Robertson is optimistic our economy is good. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand restates his warning about challenging economic times ahead for the world’s economy.

Busted: Wellington’s megachurch leadership loses its moral mandate to govern

In this podcast Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at how Wellington’s megachurch Arise, look to keep the findings of a report into misconduct a secret.

Anarchy prepares the way for the Antichrist

Changes brought about by anarchy is preparing the way for the Antichrist. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand explores the trend sweeping the world and asks if anarchy could happen on New Zealand streets.

Elizabeth: a queen who inspired many

Many a tribute has flowed for Queen Elizabeth ll, now replaced by Charles III but for many, they have pledged their allegiance to another king.

New Zealand’s Wealthiest Pastors

Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand questions whether its biblical to have wealth and whether your pastor should be wealthy?

Rejecting the premise

How many times have you heard the statement? For most New Zealanders, they have heard it many times over the past five years from the Right Honorable Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. In this episode Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand explores what a “Premises” is and warns about other political aspirants who are willing to mislead the public.

The (Left’s) Long March Through The Institutions

Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand explains why New Zealanders have suddenly changed without them noticing. The March Through The institutions is a global revolution which started in the sixties is now coming to fruition, but is it too late to stop it?

Roe V Wade: A New Zealand Perspective

How does New Zealand feel about abortion? Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand has a surprising answer to the question.

Who wins and is it fair to move the goal posts

If you accuse someone of moving the goalposts, you mean that they have changed the rules in a situation or an activity, to gain an advantage for themselves and to make things difficult for other people. When Jesus returns in his second coming, he will find that the goalposts of how we live life have moved. In this episode Mike Bain questions whether its fair that Jesus destroys the wicked when no one cares about him anymore.

IT’S not enough to just turn up

There was no presumption when Jesus healed people, in the case of a man who had been an invalid for 38 years, Jesus questioned him. And it’s the same question Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand asks a whole array of people today.

Why should we “Pray for Ardern”

Fed up with the lies, evasiveness, even downright deception from New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Christian Voice New Zealand’s Mike Bain launches a scathing attack on the government’s transformational ideas for this country, but questions why God wants us to pray for her and the government.

Redefine Humanity: stepping closer to the “Mark of the Beast”

The march towards taking the mark of the beast takes a forward step. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand says before the dawn of this century, it would have taken an army of several hundred thousand to control the buying the selling across the planet and even then, it would not have been foolproof. Now with artificial intelligence and all the many advances related to transhumanism, the technology exists for one person to do this.

Protecting the Innocents

If you make a stand for something, ensure it’s the right thing, and then follow it through. In this special report Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks back at how the nation was supercharged over the death of a three-year-old boy and where we are at today.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised as the nature of the content may be disturbing.

Time for CHRISTIANS to fire up the message

Forget about how on fire your church may, or may not be, how about you. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand compares the types of Christians in this no holds commentary on today’s efforts.

Authoritarian measures justified

A national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious beliefs, political viewpoint, legal status, etc. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand takes us down this slippery slope upon which we are embarking, one that begins with vaccine passports and ends with a national system of segregation.

Millennial’s: The churches lost generation

With differing mindsets on God, church, and the world at large, millennials have become the churches, lost generation. Mike Bain from Christian Voice discusses what the issues are, where millennials want change and how this will affect future generations and the church.

Church is no longer cool

For many, in fact, a lot of people no longer see church as a must do on a Sunday. Mike Bain from Christian Voice looks at the trend sweeping the world and discusses the reasons and what positive steps one country is taking to turn the trend.

The perfect economic storm has arrived

If you were waiting for things to “return to normal”, you can stop waiting, because a perfect storm has arrived, and things are definitely not going to be “normal” for the near future. Global food shortages, higher fuel prices, rampant inflation, and the increasing cost at the supermarket and an expected financial crash make up the perfect economic storm. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at how it is impacting New Zealanders and then looks to the future.

Stop living in fear

It must stop before we all end up with a mental health issue. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand points the finger at what it is causing us to be anxious. If we are to be in fear, then let’s have the right fear needed.

This horse may have already bolted

What has the NZ Government signed up to which impacts your future freedoms? Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at the W.H.O, Pandemic treaty and how it will impact this country.

Why women don’t want men to be their provider and protector

Interesting question on the role of men in today’s culture, compared with another culture. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand gives a biblical viewpoint on the subject.

Should a christian sing the new zealand national anthem?

The background regarding the origin of the national anthem puts into question, should you as a Christian sing it? Following up on a discussion with a new citizen to this country who questioned its legitimacy as a prayer to God, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand examines some of its background. As a Christian, is the argument not to sing it valid, or do you have other thoughts?

Kids put under house arrest by NZ Government

Hard to believe the “be kind” promoting New Zealand Government would put children as young as five under house arrest. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand exposes why we should be concerned about what is happening in the Tokelau Islands and just why its people are being bullied. Leave your comments but share this video.

The Answer to Teenage Ram Raids

Why has teenage crime escalated in New Zealand? Is it the fault of the government, social media, or a breakdown with the family? Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand thinks we need yesterday’s parenting techniques are required to stop the crime epidemic.

Mega Churches blessing or curse

The megachurch brings out the critical voice in all of us, in this podcast Mike Bain from Christian Voice looks at your thoughts and asks the question who the megachurch is for, and does it satisfy the needs of the congregation, and that of God. Feel free to subscribe, share or comment on this podcast.

Why we should be afraid

New Zealand is being told we have nothing to fear from proposed government policy. Willie Jackson, the minister of Māori Affairs says co governance is the way to proceed, has launched his own version of democracy. Couple government policy with a biased mainstream media, we should be afraid.


Artificial Intelligence is the future coming to your home. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at how close we are to having a “bot” in our lives.

Arising Allegations

Another megachurch has hit the headlines in New Zealand. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at the latest issues the mainstream media are reporting.

Their silence has not gone unnoticed

Has the church given up on teaching the word of God?

Based on Mary Wrens article in the Christianity magazine regarding the failure of the Church of England’s to teach the Bible, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand listens to the silence here in New Zealand.

Warning: This is just beginning

Food shortages, higher fuel prices, these are just the beginning. Christian Voice New Zealand’s Mike Bain explains why world leaders are looking to a global famine.

Paul Mccartney: a stranger in a foreign land

Once known the world over, Paul McCartney now struggles with identity. Mike Bain from Christian Voice discusses the issues with today’s generations ignorance as to who the great people in history were.

Choose New Zealand, your security or your economy

What have the past two years been about? Health, welfare, or control. In this episode Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand discusses the real reason and warns about the surprise future of New Zealand.

What is right today?

In this episode Mike Bain looks at the deconstruction of what the right order of life was universally accepted before people decided to no longer, do what’s right in Gods eyes and do what’s right in their own eyes.

Are We Living In The Pages of George Orwell’s Mind Controlling 1984

George Orwell depicted a mind-control technique employed by his fictional party called “doublethink,” which “describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand attempts to look at the question, are we living in the pages of George Orwell’s mind controlling book, “1984”

Answering The Rainbow Narrative

Refusing to tip toe around the issue, Christian Voice New Zealand’s Mike Bain refuses to be worn down by political correctness in this response to a recent outburst from the rainbow community. People are entitled to hold opinions and express humour without being cancelled.

Schwab’s Great Reset, Fact or Fiction

Is the Great Reset a real thing, if so why do politicians in New Zealand deny its existence? Christian commentator Mike Bain looks to the truth to the question, is the Great Reset fact or fiction.

Question: Why?

In the aftermath of the occupation of Parliament Grounds, many New Zealanders are divided. Christian commentator and former journalist Mike Bain asks the question could the ending be avoided and without a doubt reveals where the responsibility of both the protest and division lies

Finding a positive in the Ukraine

While the war in Ukraine rages and the world watches, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand discovered an upside from a resident who is using their time in in the bomb shelter with purpose.

The Curriculum: What do you know?

New Zealand education system teaches children some things parents disagree with. As a parent you roll your eyes, mutter under your breath what next, but the sad thing is you accept it. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at why the education system doesn’t want parents to really know what their children are being taught.

What if the LAST year was just a taste of what’s to come

All of these events allow governments to implement “emergency” measures while consolidating more power. Christian Voice New Zealand’s Mike Bain looks at how these scenarios play out, control mechanisms such as biometric surveillance, smart technology, social credit, Universal Basic Income, mandatory vaccination, and digital ID/wallet systems are steadily materializing.

Schwab students Trudeau and Ardern use the same playbook

Both Trudeau and Ardern are following the exact same playbook being used across the world and New Zealanders will note the familiarity. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks and compares how Trudeau is trying to quell the Canadian truckers convoy protest is mirrored in New Zealand as Ardern attempts to end the occupation on Parliament Grounds as thousands demand an end to mandates.

Has your church become a circus?

Remember the old TV series Undercover Boss? Well, if Jesus were to do an undercover visit on a New Zealand church, what would he see. What he would see is the Church falsely claiming to represent him and his Kingdom. In this podcast Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at the state of the church on the back of comments from many who are leaving.

Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented

There are times in this world where we need to pause and reflect. The date January 27 is one of those days which encourages the world to stop and reflect what happens when people do nothing. Warning: some images may be confronting to viewers.

Storm Warning – Interpreting The Signs Of The Times

Jesus scolded the people of his day for their ability to discern weather patterns, but not the signs telling them their Messiah stood in their midst. Might Jesus make a similar statement today regarding Christians and pastors who remain blind to the numerous prophetic indicators of the last days that surround us? Storm Warning is based on an article by author Jonathan Brentner, Christian Voice New Zealand’s Mike Bain looks at how this nation is faring as the global situation deteriorates around it.

This must end, Now!

Divisions are happening in New Zealand as the pandemic continues. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand warns our leaders to act to stop the division before it becomes too late.

who let the dogs out

Do you lose your sense of humour when you become a Christian asks Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand. Even Christians have the penchant to unleash on others when they err on the side of judgement.

Ardern’s fall is imminent

Using Covid 19 as a shield, the New Zealand Government led by the charismatic Jacinda Ardern has legislated many policies which has changed the culture of the country, but the bad news for New Zealanders there is more to come. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand provides a biblical comparison of the Ardern government and its future.

When A Nation Forgets God

When A Nation Forgets God is a no holds insight into the culture of New Zealand. Christian commentator Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand makes no apologies for his confronting presentation covering church culture, marriage, homosexuality, political correctness, hate speech, issues with law, education, cancel culture and conversion therapy.

why brian tamaki sits alone in prison

Self proclaimed apostle, Brian Tamaki has never been far from controversy, but in 2022, he is now incarcerated on remand without bail in New Zealand’s Mount Eden Prison. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand explains why this pastor is alone after challenging the New Zealand Government policies resulting in division the nation has never experienced before.

Church Pulpits should be on fire in new zealand

In these uncertain time in New Zealand Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand asks where is the voice of the church? He speaks about how New Zealand has changed at a rapid rate to the point it is unrecognizable.

Evil has many faces

Who is capable of evil? Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at how average people can manifest the trait, and shows how simple it is to action thoughts,

As New Zealand transitions into its Covid 19 traffic light system, it ushers in a new regime which will see the division of New Zealand’s population not on race gender or ethnicity but medical status. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand speaks out but offers some answers from the only single source of truth.

What is the future for the church in New Zealand?

Mike Bain in this presentation outlines in his usual biblical but direct commentary where the church focus should be in these unprecedented times.

“Strengthen What Remains” is a 30 minute presentation available now on YouTube.

In this message Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand sounds the warning to both Christians and the church to wake up and recognise the time period we are living and not to let the current culture overwhelm them.


From 2018 until Covid-19 curtailed public gatherings late 2021, Christian Voice New Zealand presented When A Nation Forgets God to many audiences around the country.
Because we had to cancel our “live” presentations, we have posted it here for those who missed out.
We hope you agree with our work and share this call for New Zealanders to return to God.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of restrictions imposed under the Ministry of Health Covid 19 guidelines, both our Hamilton and North Shore events have been postponed in the interim.

Our apologies’ for any inconvenience. We are disappointed too.

If you love this country you won’t want to miss this event.

“This presentation is confronting to many, but I make no apology for speaking the truth,” says presenter Mike Bain.

“This is a call for Christians to wake up and be the salt and light in a darkening Aotearoa.”

“We, as Christians must learn how to conduct ourselves as a minority, in a majority-post Christian era.”

“We need to know how and be confident in engaging the culture without being contaminated by it.”

As New Zealand continues to turn away from God with its populist politics, ignoring Gods laws and replacing them with their own.

I make no apologies, this presentation is confronting to its audience,
but then, so is the truth.
Mike Bain

Presentation covers a wide range of topics from the rise of secularism, to education, the impact of political correctness, cancel culture, hate speech, sexual perversions, gender issues and its various derivatives, the law, morality, the cooling of Christianity in New Zealand.

The biblical backdrop to this is the reason why Israel fell from grace when they forgot God and ended up in captivity in Babylon.

Where we have presented in churches, some pastors have been able to build on the subject, some have used it as a home group discussion point.

As the Nation of Israel was warned before its destruction, this presentation is calling New Zealand to return to its Christian heritage.

We believe New Zealand as a nation is still “blessed” by God, the lessons from the captured nation of Israel should be learnt as we continue down this path.

We are keen to present this timely message to home groups, or larger. Feel free to contact us directly.

We hope you will be able to join us for this free presentation in 2021.

February 28: Te Awamutu Bible Chapel 7.15pm

April 17: Tauranga, Taharoa Room, Papamoa Community Library 11am.

May1: Paeroa, Venue: Paeroa Co operating Church Hall Mackay St 11am.

May 21: Whitianga, Monkey House Club Theatre Coghill St 7pm.

June 19: Manurewa Library (Community Room) 11am.

July 31: Remuera Baptist Church 641 Remuera Rd, Auckland.11am.

September 11: Celebrating Age Centre Victoria Street, Hamilton 11am.

October 9: Glenfield Baptist Church, 46 James St Glenfield. Auckland (tbc)