Support us

At Christian Voice New Zealand events many people ask how they can support us, our immediate answer is in prayer, pray for us, pray for God’s blessing to be on our ministry.

Some, but not many will leave a donation in the little box by the coffee, while others have suggested donating regularly.

We have long held the biblical attitude “Freely you have received; freely give.”

But we would love to do more presentations around New Zealand calling this country back to God at the same time building his people up to be able to be the salt and provide some light in this darkening culture.

If you wish to partner with us in this mission there are two ways you assist.

1/ Help us by co-hosting us at a venue by talking to your church leaders.

2/ Financially, we are reluctant to ask for financial assistance as demands are made on everyone daily for support.

Sometimes the price of a cup of coffee on a regular basis goes a long way in assisting with the costs associated, eg venue hire, advertising, and travel.

If you wish to partner us in this way please use the account number below.


Thank you and may God bless you for blessing us.